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Who is Adrienne Gates?

About Me

Adrienne Gates is an Atlanta, Georgia native who after being faced with a few personal and financial hardships, was forced to make a change that would not only benefit her life, but the lives of her entire family.  After owning a home for more then 15 years and going through foreclosure, Adrienne was left without a home for herself, her children, and her brother and sisters that she was raising.  This life experience prompted her to take control of her life and become an entrepreneur.

Through this experience, Adrienne realized that she lacked the knowledge of being able to personally handle her finances, which sparked her interest in self development, real estate and tax

preparation which also led to her into learning and then educating others about financial literacy, real estate and a healthier living.  Financial literacy is important because it creates and sustains generational health and wealth, and allows people to live a longer, enjoyable life from their achievements.  

From then to now, Adrienne Gates has made a name for herself speaking on several different platforms to promote financial literacy and the benefits of credit restoration. She believes that it is of great importance to be able to share her testimony with others to give hope and to show to them that there is no reason they too, can not achieve the American dream.

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